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There is no secret recipe at Absolutely Delicious Catering. No smoke, hopefully no mirrors, just a basic formula that we have believed in for 7 years and still believe in today.

So here it finally is, straight from the horseís mouth. Absolutely Delicious Catering, LLC management is made up of a group of people who genuinely like each other and who share the same work ethic and passion for building and nurturing something from the ground up. Add dedicated and equally passionate employees who share a sense of pride and devotion to not just a job, but a career and then add clients that appreciate the energy and concern you bring to the table every day.

Please donít think for even a moment that Absolutely Delicious is some Utopian place without itís share of problems, drama and heartache. We have our share and possibly some of yours each and every day, but never a day goes by with one of us saying that we were bored or unchallenged. The human equation is the wild card that remains untamable and unpredictable, but also the most rewarding.

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