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Planning Your Event/Reception

Reception Hall Checklist

Planning Your Reception Seating

How Do I see to all the Details of my Event?

Reception Hall Checklist

We have some suggestions regarding questions you should ask about your reception site.

We are an experienced cater that has catered at nearly every reception site in the San Antonio area. Use this questionnaire as a checklist and make certain that you will have the kind of reception you have envisioned.

Here are some things you should know:

    • How many tables, chairs and linens are included with the rental of the reception hall? What size are the tables that will be used? Find out how many guests can sit around each table. If you do not like the tables or chairs that are provided, ask if special tables or chairs may be brought in.

    • If dancing is included in your plans, ask about the dance floor. Some reception halls have nice dance areas but others are carpeted. A dance floor is sometimes provided, but sometimes you will need to rent one and the cost may surprise you.

    • Ask if your reception hall will have an attendant on premise to supervise the facility during your event. Find out how situations like adjusting the lighting, heating, air conditioning, or a blown fuse will be handled. Find out who will be your attendant during your event.

    • Many halls limit the use of candles and open flames. Other halls will limit the types of decorations you can use. Often times staples and push pins are not allowed to secure decorations. Tell the hall representative about your decoration plans and be certain that you can use the type decor you want.

    • Inquire about the alcohol policy for the reception hall you are considering. Some halls do not allow red or blush wines. Other halls will not allow kegs of beer to be served. If you would like to provide a frozen drink machine, be certain that there enough power to run the machine. Inquire as to where your bar (and the outlet) is located. Lastly, some reception halls limit the types of punch that can be served, so ask your hall for their alcohol and beverage policy.

    • Ask about the amount of parking that is available. See if the parking area is well lit, clean and looks secure. Some situations make valet parking desirable (and expensive) and other situations may result in your guests paying for parking.

    • Find out if the reception hall has enough electricity for a DJ or band. Some entertainers have electrical requirements that exceed the wiring capacities.

    • Is there a changing room for the bride or bridal party?
      Are the restroom facilities clean? Are the restroom fixtures in good working order?

    • Ask about your accessibility to the hall. You will need to tell your vendors when they will be able make their deliveries. Elevators, stairs and corridors that a vendor or the bridal party must negotiate can cause delays and problems. Is a loading dock or ramp available? Will a kitchen or kitchenette be available for food service?
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